New Release – Serendipity from Silent Sparrow


New menswear releases from Silent Sparrow are always something to look forward to, but hyasynth Tiramisu has out done herself recently with her release of the Serendipity Suit for men and women.

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The Art of Victorian Living


I am always fascinated to consider what sort of environments our ancestors surrounded themselves and their children with. What were they exposed to in their youths…what books did they love best, what paintings did they see everyday?

A look at the artwork of a well-off Victorian home, and an understanding of the meanings and values attached to each piece, can go a long way towards helping us understand the period, and the development of our own culture.

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Scene of the Crimes


This is all my Kira’s fault..she started it by posting a picture of her workspace on her blog, and brazenly displaying her official Sparta pencil ballista.

Did she really think I could ignore such a challange? Below find the den of iniquity where I spend far more time than is healthy.

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Baka no Charlie Brown!


As usual, like a good terrier I have found something fascinating in the Aether and dragged it back to you, my dear readers. However, my gifts do not usually require the rugs to be cleaned or for you to explain to an overnight guest how it was OK because the bat was already dead.

Today, I have found an unusual and beautiful spin on some beloved characters who always struck me as just a little too twee. I give you, my friends, The Peanuts Gang as anime stars.

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The MetaVerse’s Enron?


The MetaVerse seems to become more and more like meatspace every day. Now, add to our various and sundry virtual scandals, crimes and misdemeanors the ugly specter of financial irregularities.

Certainly there have been voices from the beginning that said that Ginko and other virtual “financial institution” were madness and con games…and now it seems they are quite correct. In the end, how can one have institutions that deal in virtual money, create virtual accounts and deduct virtual charges with little or no accountability or oversight…that aren’t called Visa or Mastercard of course.

Mr. Skilling, your avatar is waiting.

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An Avatar’s Avatar


Just when I thought my mind was done being bent for the time being, I come across the following somewhat convincing argument as to why life as we know it may just be a simulation…that indeed right now I am an avatar of someone else playing an avatar in Second Life. A virtual world within a virtual world.

Do they have virtual Vicodan? Perhaps this headache is simply a dialog box that my player is now reading explaining that I am confused, have a headache and therefore have a -2 on all performance factors.


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