SexGenning ABC


Well, Sex in the MetaVerse has now made ABC. Of course, there is nothing new in this ABC look at the man behind Stroker Serpentine, who is the avatar behind SexGen. I have a feeling that the line between real and virtual celebrities is continuing to fade.

By this time, we all know about his lawsuit against someone stealing his scripts, and the storm of attention, derision and billable hours it brings with it…however, this article has a few new wrinkles that I find very interesting.

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Better Sims and Gardens


The last few weeks I have been paying more and more attention to architecture and sim planning here in Caledon and the MetaVerse as a whole. The fruit of this cogitation will appear as a manifesto on the subject, likely next week.

In the short term however, I have been seeing more and more how SL provides an incredibly rich palate for virtual architects and decorators to work with. In addition, meatspace is starting to become more aware of that fact.

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