Swing Your Razor High….


There has been much talk throughout Caledon of late of moving pictures shows due to premier soon. Some are hotly anticipated, some are dreaded…but all make for good conversation around The Anvil.

However, all the various discussions that I have heard have thus far failed to hit upon the Caledonesque film which I am looking forward to the most..as a demon barber is soon to be unleashed upon olde London.

We have all heard by now that Stardust seems to be living up to the potential of it’s source, that the jury is still out but confidant concerning The Golden Compass and that all hope is lost concerning The Dark is Rising (now titled The Seeker…sigh).

However, the film which I am most anticipating boasts a cast to be envied (Mr. Depp, Miss Bonham Carter, Mr. Rickman, Mr. Head, Mr. Sacha Cohen), a legendarily unpredictable director (Mr. Burton) and source material that could not be rivaled for morbid fascination and depth.

I speak of course of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Am I alone in being unable to contain myself when I consider Mr. Depp and Miss Bonham Carter performing A Little Priest?

The film will be released in December, world wide.

Never Forget. Never Forgive.



  1. *swoons*

    One wonders if it will be the musical version, or just the filmed play. In either case…oh, my goodness. Wonderful, wonderful idea.

  2. The musical, my dear Miss Orr.


    I have no words….

  3. Oh, to hear Anthony Stewart Head sing again…a gift beyond measure, indeed.

    No trailer. NO TRAILER. This is a grievous omission. It must be addressed forthwith.

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