Injustice League


Like many of my fellow Caledonians, I have been a life long comics collector. Some of my earliest crushes were on women in my favorite titles, and I still have memories of complex and deeply improbable stories I wrote when ten about being Mary Marvel’s boyfriend.

That is why the article by Charlie Anders I am reposting here from MotherJones struck me as both so interesting and so troubling. I certainly remember the days when Lois Lane was viewed as an accessory of Superman’s, like his cape or stupid glasses. Of course, back then I took great delight in the massive cup size of most of the superheroines I read about, even though I realized it wasn’t terribly wise to objectify a woman who if she really existed, could punt me to Mars.

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A Tomb with a View


Though it is not Caledonian per se, this kind of story always fills me with a sense that there is still so much about our past to discover. It is very easy to fall back into a post-modern arrogance, assuming that all the historical breakthroughs have been made, all the secrets of the past have already been whispered to us.

The news that the tomb of an Aztec emperor, the first to be discovered, has been located under the heart of Mexico City is a very exciting revelation to me. Anything is STILL possible.

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Swing Your Razor High….


There has been much talk throughout Caledon of late of moving pictures shows due to premier soon. Some are hotly anticipated, some are dreaded…but all make for good conversation around The Anvil.

However, all the various discussions that I have heard have thus far failed to hit upon the Caledonesque film which I am looking forward to the a demon barber is soon to be unleashed upon olde London.

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