Steam Mechs


Again, I have discovered something out in the Aether that simply MUST be brought home to my Caledonian readers.

I have no doubt that many of us have considered what giant steampunk battlemechs would look like kicking the bolts out of one another over the attentions of a lady with incredible breasts…well now you can find out.

Take a look at the following short animated film entitled A Gentleman’s Duel, directed by Francisco Ruiz and Sean McNally for Blur Studios.

Not only is it hilarious and gorgeous…but all the characters look disturbingly similar to several Caledonians of my acquaintance.

Click HERE to defend your honour.


  1. *laughs and howls in glee, gasping for breath*

    builders of Caledon! We need steam mechs like these! SO much more fun than duelling by pistols or sabres or … well, haikus were quite hilarious too.

    tailors! I want a corset like ~she’s~ got!

    the Marquis of Manstrumpet… oh I shall have to remember that one…

    ~is in serious need of resuscitation after DYING of LAUGHTER!~

  2. I think my favorite taunt was “Cheese Pirate”…

  3. I got this linked from elsewhere, and thought Bardhaven must have blogged this – if not he ought to. But yes, you already had.

    My first thought upon watching it was “OMG, it’s Caledon!”

  4. I saw the trailer for this back in January and have been trying to find it since. So far the only place I had been able to find it was via a very annoying online forum called Gaia (which seems to be where this has been taken from).

    I’m glad someone finally made a capture of it.

  5. blast!

    “this video has been removed due to a breach of Terms of Use”.

    guess someone got caught being naughty.

  6. And drat, I missed the whole thing. Mayhap it can be found elsewhere?

  7. Now you see Miss Orr, this is why everyone should check The News from BardHaven several times a day, lest they miss something.

    The link has now been updated.

    Watch it quickly before this one is removed as well.

  8. You’re so right, Lord Bardhaven. How could I possibly have foregone checking the News several times each and every day? Links could expire! Short films could be moved!

    I could have lived my entire life not knowing the reference for “cheese pirate”. (Which I’m quite fond of, indeed.)

    Was that John Cleese, voicing the cheese pirate in question?

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