A Taste for the Exotic


There are always many interesting events and exhibits going on throughout Caledon, so often times it can be easy to miss a few. However, some exhibits simply demand your attention.

Just such an art exhibit has been engineered by Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy of the Gallery Tamrannoch, entitled The Exotic Men of Caledon. With that sort of title, how could it possibly by overlooked.

In a clever plan to make use of both her own abilities as a photographer in SL and RL and the natural vanity and arrogance of the Caledonian Male, Miss Poppy asked men to volunteer to have their portrait taken and displayed.

The turnout reads like a veritable Caledonian Who’s Who….in fact the success of the project seems to have even surprised Miss Poppy. She is already planning a similar event for the Exotic LADIES of Caledon, as well as possibly a more mature version of the current show. The Erotic Men of Caledon perhaps?

Leisurely looking through the portraits, the two things which struck me most powerfully are the skill of Miss Poppy behind a camera and the fact that each portrait really does give insights into the personalities of the models. Miss Poppy made excellent use of locale and situation to paint pictures of the men behind the pixels.

Beyond that, the portraits made clear the sheer diversity of Caledon as well as the fact we are all handsome devils.

The exhibit will continue until the end of August and a commemorative book will be produced in SL featuring all the portraits for those who prefer to look at men in the comfort of their own boudoir.

I would urge all Caledonians to drop by Miss Poppy’s gallery, not just to see the portraits of manly men at the height of their manliness, but also to peruse and enjoy Miss Poppy’s other excellent work and the lovely garden adjacent to the gallery. I can promise you a very pleasant outing indeed.

Click HERE for the SLURL to The Gallery Tamrannoch.


The Exotic Men of Caledon (above), on display


Life contemplates Art (above)


Admiring some of Miss Poppy’s other fine work (above)


Yours truly (above), watching a sculpture rotate.


Another view of the Rogue’s Gallery (above)


  1. Ahhh…there is nothing quite like “manly men at the height of their manliness” and the handsome gents of Caledon fit that bill rather nicely.

  2. such… fine, handsome gentlemen! I am overcome!

    *cheeks flushing, lays a pale hand to her brow*

    alas! I swoon…!

    *falls very slowly… slowly… someone’s going to catch her, right?!*

  3. *catches Darkling with her shiny new brass arm*

    Administering smelling salts..

  4. *looks up at the paintings*

    Oh my! Look at the crank shaft on *that* one!

    *drops Darkling as her head starts rotating rapidly with accompanying HOO! noises*

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