Spring-Heeled Jack


Everyone loves a good Victorian ghost story.

I uncovered the following interesting research into the legend of “Spring-heeled Jack“, which I erroneously always thought was related to the notorious Jack the Ripper. It seems that some paranormal investigators feel that it may have been a Spring-heeled Jill.

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Digital Hatred


Again I feel the need to publish some news that has little to do with Caledon, but which I feel simply needs to be better known. Recently, GayGamer.com, a gaming site specifically catering to the homosexual community was knocked off line by a clearly hate-based DoS attack. Thankfully, it has since returned to the Aether.

Predictably, many gaming forums have been hijacked by those who ask the question “Why does there need to be a gaming site for homosexuals? Can’t gay gamers just use any site?” I feel such an argument is spurious in that it completely avoids uncomfortable truths, attempting to make the victim and not the victimizer account for themselves.

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A Taste for the Exotic


There are always many interesting events and exhibits going on throughout Caledon, so often times it can be easy to miss a few. However, some exhibits simply demand your attention.

Just such an art exhibit has been engineered by Miss Autopilotpatty Poppy of the Gallery Tamrannoch, entitled The Exotic Men of Caledon. With that sort of title, how could it possibly by overlooked.

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Steam Mechs


Again, I have discovered something out in the Aether that simply MUST be brought home to my Caledonian readers.

I have no doubt that many of us have considered what giant steampunk battlemechs would look like kicking the bolts out of one another over the attentions of a lady with incredible breasts…well now you can find out.

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