The Journey to…the Mysterious Island – BardHaven’s Story Part 2


As the Baron arrived dockside at the Cay, Phillip continuing to belch and shake out in the sea, he let his eyes pan across the tumultuous scene before him. He smiled slowly.

“Ah, it is good to see the circus is still in town.” He let his shaded gaze pick out the specific individuals he sought. He spied the Duchesses Loch Avie and Carntaigh fastidiously seeing to their baggage near the clipper ship that they would all be sailing to Phillip in, courtesy of the Royal Society. “There are the bare back riders…” Next Dr Oolon Sputnik in whispered conversation with a winged young woman as he packed scientific instruments in cotton batting. “…The Mentalist…”. Then, Baroness Palowakski trying to explain to a street vendor that she certainly could hold her Lava Lager thank you very much. “…The Bearded Lady….” The indigo tressed Darkling Elytis balancing for no apparent reason on the roof of one of the customs houses. “…and of course, The girl on the flying trapeze.”

Suddenly there was a commotion in the crowd as trooping up to the dock came Mr. Gnarlihotep Abel, leading a train of baggage penguins. “Ah, how could I have forgotten….the clowns have arrived.”

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Television Siberia


Though this story is somewhat further beyond the borders of Caledon than I normally stray, I felt that, in the same spirit with which I celebrated Heinlein‘s 100th birthday, I simply had no choice.

Once you have read this article which I have reposted from Yahoo, and if you are filled with upset and disgust for the people who try to dumb down and pasteurize American culture…then I beg you, if you are in the US, make time in your Saturday nights to watch Masters of Science Fiction. I don’t even care if you leave the TV running in an empty room (though considering the casts and the scripts involved it would be well worth your time to watch), just do it.

Defy the suits.

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My Backpack’s…Got Jets


No Radio Riel Rave in Caledon would be complete without listening to MC Chris reflect geek-pride as he raps about Boba Fett. I would say that MC Chris and his dweaby beats is currently right behind The Shat in the Caledon Top 40.

Therefore I am happy to reprint this report from the New York Times about the apparently impossible to disintegrate underground trend of geekrap or nerdcore.

Rock on homies…The Baron is feeling you.

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Down Periscope


I have great respect for a man who follows a dream. That respect tends to increase depending on how singular or hopeless that dream may be…and when it involves a homemade submarine my respect tends to go OFF the scale.

Consider then the case of artist Duke Riley, a man who created a working recreation of the first submarine built in America, known as The Turtle, and then did what most of us would do with such a marvelous contraption…Get a bit tipsy on beer and do something stupid in it.

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