Bunneh Theatricals


Once again, while traveling the fickle currents of the Aethernet, I cam upon several entertainments that made me laugh so hard I spurted coffee from my nose.

Realizing that many of my readers may also want their sinuses caffeinated, I am therefore happy to direct you to…BUN-O-VISION.

A company called Angry Alien Productions apparently has been specializing for some time in doing 30 second reenactments of popular and/or classic films…as they would be if they had been performed by bunnies. These animated nuggets of insanity are primarily the work of Miss Jennifer Shiman.

They truly must be seen to be believed.

Below I have taken the liberty of placing links to my two favorites, but the entire series can be found HERE.

The Exorcist performed in 30 seconds by bunnies


Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2 performed in 30 seconds by bunnies (that is 15 seconds per film..AMAZING)

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  1. Yes!! I think they used to be run as shorts on the Starz network? Positively hilarious!!!

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