Journey to…the Mysterious Island – BardHaven’s Story Part 1


Standing in the Ruby Library of The House of Three Graces, the Baron of BardHaven slowly cranked the bronze handle of the gramophone until it clicked softly. Turning to the desk, he carefully picked up a large, square leather reinforced oilskin envelope with one hand, a Vulgarian Ceremonial Virgin Skinning Dagger with the other and carefully slit the stout leather straps of the oilskin pouch open.

He cautiously slid out a black wax disc from the protective envelope and laid it gently on the gramophone. Setting the glistening needle in place against the inky wax, he slowly opened the folders that came with the disk as the dulcet voice of Miss Kate Nicholas of the Royal Society for the Advancement of Knowledge in the Natural Sciences began purring and rasping from the bronze horn of the gramophone.

“Good day, Lord BardHaven. Your mission, if you decide to accept it….”

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Caledon Disney


The big news in the tech world today is the acquisition of well known Children’s social/gaming website Penguin Isle by the megalithic Disney Corp for an absurd amount of money.

As could have been predicted, this simple act of corporate robber-barony got me to thinking…what would happen if Disney should happen to buy Caledon?

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Bunneh Theatricals


Once again, while traveling the fickle currents of the Aethernet, I cam upon several entertainments that made me laugh so hard I spurted coffee from my nose.

Realizing that many of my readers may also want their sinuses caffeinated, I am therefore happy to direct you to…BUN-O-VISION.

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Escorts a RL Trend, too?


It seems that contrary to the opinions of Linden Labs and concerned SL citizens, sex, escort services and other tawdry pastimes go on in meatspace as well. What’s more, as is clear from the article I am reposting here, it has been going on for a LONG time.

The following is a wonderful interview conducted by Melissa Lafsky of Freakonomics with Karen Abbott, author of the critically acclaimed book Sin in the Second City which examines the famous (or infamous) Everleigh Sisters and the business of sex in Late Victorian America.

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