Midsummer Milestones


I am pleased to announce two more milestones in the history of The News from BardHaven.

First of all, Miss Emilly Orr’s recent comment concerning Ingmar Bergman’s legacy was the 500th comment to be posted on The News from BardHaven. In honor of that accomplishment, Miss Orr was presented with a Silent Sparrow Limited Edition, the Serendipity Gown in Cherry courtesy of one of our sponsors, Miss hyasynth Tiramisu. I personally would also like to thank Miss Orr for her consistently intelligent and perspicacious comments to this site.

Secondly, we have just cleared 20,000 hits since the premiere of the site, which is a most respectable number indeed.

As always, we would like to humbly thank all of our readers, supporters and sponsors for helping this site continue to grow and thrive.

Zealot Benmergui and Kirawill Collingwood

1 Comment

  1. And you’re more than welcome for all of me, you have a wonderfully entertaining journal and deserve your readership in full measure.

    And I will be overjoyed to post pictures of Miss Tiramisu’s lovely creation…as soon as the all-clear goes out for rezzing out no-copy items! There’s not a chance in the world I want that gown to disappear!

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