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Coming soon, to a Caledonian blog near you….

One tranquil summer morning, the peaceful sea near Caledon is rent asunder as, exploding upward in a cataclysm of steam and Cavorite shavings, a strange ISLAND crowned by a seething volcano takes it’s place offshore, like a vulture hovering over the shoulder of a man eating Salmon Pate that smells a bit off. It’s shores team with savage, jetpack wearing natives as melancholy organ music streams up from diabolical looking caves.

What can this strange volcanic island mean?
What dire portents does this island foretell?
Where the crap did those native guys get jetpacks?
Who, oh who shall stand up to save us all from certain and quite uncomfortable doom?

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D’oh, My Lord


I came across an interesting message and graphic in my email box today and felt that I had to share it with my readers, as there has been a passion of late for taking tests and being “classified“.

Daemons, Hogwort’s houses…that is all very well and good. However, when all is said and done, wouldn’t you rather be a Simpson?

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End of an Era


A publication to which I owe a great deal of my knowledge of the world around me, and to which this very blog owes a considerable debt for it’s style and general outlook is soon to be no more.

Yes, World Weekly News will no longer be sold as printed copies.

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