Fashionably Furry


Considering that the next target of Linden morality is rumored to be the Furry community (see an essay I will be posting here soon) I find this tidbit of non-Caledonian Aetheric flotsum to be especially rich.

It seems that a major fashion magazine is running a couture pictorial on fur coats and jackets…with a decidedly Necro-Yiffie overtone.

W Magazine is running a photo spread in it’s August issue called Into The Woods which definitely makes me think that one of W’s editors has been hanging about in Luskwood. Take a look at these examples and tell me what YOU think is going on between these two deviants.

NOTE: For the uninitiated, YIFF and Yiffie are terms for Furry Sex. Now you know.




See the entire online spread HERE and pick up the August issue of W to see the whole lot.

I wonder if the Lindens will try and ban them from something.



  1. On the other hand, while furs are running a tad bit unnerved (being partially furry, some of the time, I’m hearing a lot of the rumors), I was also on the front lines of the Doll Wars, when those of us in the doll community were sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that dolls were going to be banned.

    We lost some search terms–most notably “Lolita”–and trembled in our patent shoes, a tad, but…we’re still here. Apart from Miss Llewellyn feeling she had to close Dolltopia–a great and staggering blow, indeed–we survived, we’re not banned, we’re not leaving.

    I am wondering if this is also what’s going to happen with furs–heat rising, fear, panic, controversy–and then it will all die down.

    It’s the hope, anyway.

  2. Meh, this shit’s been going on for years. Some people actually trace furry hate back to the 1980s. Vanity Fair, CSI–they all caused most of this stupid hatred shit.

    I would be remiss to forget Something Awful, but that’s a given. Lowtax and other hacks couldn’t help but pick at it to instigate public outcry and cause trouble. It’s what they do.

    There will always be furries. I’ve never played it, but there will probably always be furries in Second Life too. I have no clue of any of the stuff you’re bringing up regarding the game, but it’s cyclical. Some years are more fur-friendly than others.

    In the end, nobody really gives a shit.

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