Sieging Hogworts


As clearly indicated by the number of Harry Potter parties held throughout our fair Caledon over the weekend, the fate of the young wizard (perhaps now RIP) and his companions (the same) is a hot topic in our sitting rooms and parlours. However, I must confess I am not altogether sure that is a good thing…or at least fear it may be a mixed blessing.

Certainly I am the last to tear at the throat of cultural icons for no reason or simply due to their prominence, but I have felt for several years a worm of doubt when I hear educators describe the educational benefits to be found in studying at Hogworts off-campus.

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Things to do in Paris while Dead


In my post vacation aethereal investigations, I came across the following fascinating article in The Fortean Times, which I have taken the liberty of sharing with my readers.

Written by Carloyn Waudby, this macabre travelogue explores the treasures and terrors on view beneath the streets of Paris. As all Victorians had a healthy obession not only with death by with the perversions of the French and many regular observers of this blog are, like myself, well steeped in the Gothic Arts, I feel this article is perfectly suited to my genteel readers. However, I advise ladies of good birth to deny ever reading it.

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