Sage Advice


Yet again, while wandering the Aether, I found something fundamentally non-Caledonian that I thought worthy of bringing back to my readers. The following is a list of tips for a happier life put together by actor/writer/producer Shane Nickerson, who also gains points with me for disliking iPhones.

I found this list via a blog post by Wil Wheaton, possibly the greatest living blogger I know of and the nicest person to ever appear in a Star Trek series

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Sir Harrison Potter, Esq.


As the double-barreled media onslaught of The Order of the Phoenix film and the release of Deathly Hallows turns my mind helplessly to matters of Hogworts, I find myself thinking about what poor Harry will do upon graduation (assuming he survives his Prom of course)?

Surely since various of his dearest friends will be so much Wizard Goo he will want to spend some quiet time by himself after the climatic events are over. Lodging with his aunt and uncle will of course be out of the question, since if there is any justice in the world they will have been turned into turnips at some point in the last book. Beyond that, going back to live with your family after graduation is such a slacker thing to do.

What if he came to make a home in our own fair Caledon?

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First there were MUDs


As I have stated before on numerous occasions, before my wandering path led me to Caledon I spent the better part of a decade playing and creating MUDs and MOOs…that is to say, online textual worlds.

Due to that fact and my continued pitiful devotion to the written word as a role play medium, I was delighted when I came across this interview with Richard Bartle, the creator of the very first MUD called, strangely enough, MUD1. It was this first world of multi paragraph descriptions, intricate puzzles and two word commands (GET SWORD, KILL WITCH) that laid the groundwork for the vast cavalcade of online RP today.

Beyond his statements of dissatisfaction in the graphical worlds of today (my but THAT is a surprise), Mr. Bartle has many interesting views on the past, present and future of virtual worlds.

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