Homer fhtagn?


I am pleased and horrified to repost the following story about a new wrinkle in good old-fashioned English paganism.

This is not even remotely Caledonian, but it amused me far too much not to post. I know I should be outraged, either due to the mocking of ancient beliefs, the unending encroachment of modern media, or the total lack of perspective or humor on the part of some people.

I know I SHOULD be outraged, but I am too busy giggling like Pat Boone on crack.

The following story appeared in The Sun.

Pagans have a cow over Homer

Gods of war....Homer painted next to fertility legend

Gods of war….Homer painted next to fertility legend

July 16, 2007

PAGANS have pledged to perform “rain magic” to wash away cartoon character Homer Simpson who was painted next to their famous fertility symbol – the Cerne Abbas giant.The 17th century chalk outline of the naked, sexually aroused, club-wielding giant is believed by many to be a symbol of ancient spirituality.

Many couples also believe the 180ft giant, which is carved in the hillside above Cerne Abbas, Dorset, is an aid to fertility.

A giant 180ft Homer Simpson brandishing a doughnut was painted next to the well-endowed figure today in a publicity stunt to promote The Simpsons Movie released later this month.

It has been painted with water-based biodegradable paint which will wash away as soon as it rains.

Ann Bryn-Evans, joint Wessex district manager for The Pagan Federation, said: “It’s very disrespectful and not at all aesthetically pleasing.

“We were hoping for some dry weather but I think I have changed my mind. We’ll be doing some rain magic to bring the rain and wash it away.”

She added: “I’m amazed they got permission to do something so ridiculous. It’s an area of scientific interest.”

She also expressed fears that the painting of Homer, from the animated television series The Simpsons, would cause a mess as it washed away.

During the Second World War, he was disguised to prevent the Germans from using him as an aerial landmark.

Since then he has always been visible, receiving regular grass trimming and a full re-chalking every 25 years.



  1. /rolls in the grass, cackling prettily/

    well not ALL Pagans are having a cow over this, man!

    they really should have painted his wee willay too. If I were even remotely local, why I would drive right over there and correct that oversight.

  2. *nods agreement*

    Plus, it’s not “next to” the old one — near, yes, but not on protected land. Clearly, Homer is offering the chalk man a doughnut, which is an act of generosity (particularly considering the size of the doughnut.) One should not take umbrage at generosity.

  3. *laughing hysterically*

    I don’t know….I would like to think my Pagan ancestors would enjoy the irony and humor in this as much as I do.


  4. OFFERING him a donut? Hmmmm…

    I had rather thought he was holding up the donut as..well…a target.

    After all, Viagra users will tell you that after a while, such a condition can become quite uncomfortable.

    Of course, I have never “needed” Viagra.




    Viagra? Never heard of it.

  5. /looks at the image again/

    ohhh I get it! the donut… is the symbol of the Sacred Feminine.. so in this case, Homer is acting as the Goddess’s priest, holding up Her symbol in offering to the Divine Consort.

    the donut really should be a bit smaller.

    mmm… sprinkles…

  6. “Marrggeeee…I was making an offering a cymbal to the Divine Corset. It says so right th…

    Is that pub still open?”

  7. Smashing, I like this one. The Rudey Man always looks so lonely up there on his hill, its nice to see he has some company for a change. Other than the people they had to stop sitting on his bits ‘cos they were wearing them away, of course. Ahem.

    Are you sure that’s a doughnut?


  8. *cackles*

    I’d have to echo. Only stuffy pagans are upset at this one. Those who are getting their robes bunched up at this truly have too much free time…and have obviously stopped going to Beltane rituals.


  9. I believe the term used for the *stuffy pagans* is “Brighter Blessed than Thee” :-)

  10. I first saw this as a link from FARK so I assumed this was just someone’s Photoshop hoax..oh Dear..

  11. It was only a matter of time before THIS happened.


  12. That animated version is even better!

  13. It must be true, it was on the BBC with some misery complainig about abuse of the countryside.

    And the animated version is very funny…


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