Second Chord


I am taking the liberty of reposting an article from Wired about a very interesting new virtual world called Doppleganger, focused entirely on music. As many of my fellow Caledonians are either avid music buffs, musicians themselves or both, I thought this would be of interest to my readership.

I find the article post-worthy not because I would be interested in joining Doppleganger, but because it addresses a question I have been asking myself for some time. Namely, What would Second Life be like if it were only clubs and parties?

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Homer fhtagn?


I am pleased and horrified to repost the following story about a new wrinkle in good old-fashioned English paganism.

This is not even remotely Caledonian, but it amused me far too much not to post. I know I should be outraged, either due to the mocking of ancient beliefs, the unending encroachment of modern media, or the total lack of perspective or humor on the part of some people.

I know I SHOULD be outraged, but I am too busy giggling like Pat Boone on crack.

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Virtual Hindsight


It has been a tumultuous season throughout Caledon in which much of an epic and/or controversial nature has occurred. As is typical in such situations, there have been pointless triumphs and minor tragedies. Reputations good and bad have been earned, fortunes have been made, feelings have been hurt.

The blogs of late are filled with a backlog of resentments and somewhat confused apologies…grudges held and regrets expressed. While not to disparage the real emotions behind such things, I think we need to look back with a drama-free eye and remember that so much of what has “surprised” us these last few month could have been foreseen with a little careful thought and prediction. I am certainly just as guilty of it as anyone else. However, Hindsight is a tempting mistress.

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