A Rose called Kirawill


Though I only observed from a distance, I must take this opportunity to thank and congratulate my lovely wife and Baroness, Kirawill Collingwood, for the polish and panache of her recent Rose Corridor Tea.

The event was a great success and I am happy to extend the thanks and gratitude of the Barony to featured designer Miss sachi Vixen of Adam & Eve and models Miss Darkling Elytis and Miss Emilly Orr. It was in all respects marvelous, and a great triumph for the Baroness. I am nothing but proud of her.

For those of you who were unable to attend, I take the liberty of including the following pictures, sans captions. If any of the lovely designs interest you, they may be found at Adam & Eve.


















  1. It looks like a lovely event… I truly wish I could have attended.
    all my best, Miss Paris

  2. It was a splendid show, and I was honoured to assist the Baroness and Miss sachi. I do hope we have more events like this in Caledon.

  3. I’m so sad that I had to leave early (blasted time zones), but what I did see was lovely.

    Congratulations to all involved.
    Smashing job.

  4. Lord Bardhaven,

    I’m so glad that you took images (from a respectful distance!), as I enjoyed the afternoon very much but did not myself take any.

    I did, however, hie myself to Adam n Eve only shortly thereafter, where Miss Vixen was just installing the “Caledon” vendors. Without the press of a fashion show going on, we were able to have an all-too-brief conversation. Miss Vixen demonstrated both at the fashion show and in our conversation not only a superb design ability but also a generous spirit.

    Brava to Baroness Bardhaven for organizing the event, and thanks to all the models.

  5. Even with trials of lag and attachments, at one point…not…it was grand fun, and I was thrilled to participate. Lovely setting, and enthusiastic responses, I think it was all Miss Vixen could have hoped for.

    I am grateful to show off her designs; I am humbled to call her friend. And I am rabidly addicting everyone I can to her hair! :)

  6. If I had been at all able to have attended the event, I most certainly would have. Alas, travel and time zones kept me away. It looks as though it was truly a lovely, wonderful garden party.

    I do hope the Baroness will host another tea in the relatively near future.

    I catch my steamer home tomorrow. Hope to see you both soon.

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