The Models of the Night…


On rare occasions an event will come up in the always burgeoning Caledon social whirl that seems tailor made for me. That was very much the case when I was approached concerning the creation of a Dark Victorian group by Miss Lapin Paris and Miss Violet Schnabel, promoting the more gothic aspects of our beloved Caledon.

I was even more pleased to be informed that the first event of this group would be a fashion show of gothic designs, and further graced with an invitation to model at said event. Humble and retiring though I am, I readily accepted after a bit of cajoling and schedule twisting…and flattery, lots of flattery.

The fashion show itself was a tremendous success, featuring the dark creations of our own beloved Miss Fuschia Begonia as well as those of LaPointe Designs. The models included myself, Mr. Erasmus Margulis, Mr. Nicholas Garrigus, Miss Shylah Garmes, Miss Martini Discovalente, Miss Darkling Elytis and Miss kiralette Kelley. The show was MCed quite adroitly by Miss Violet Schnabel.

The remainder of the dark and moody evening consisted of a chance to have your picture taken from beyond the grave with our very own Prince of the Undead, Mr. Nicholas Garrigus. Following that once in a deathtime opportunity, evil Viscount Edvard Von Pearse rocked the tombstones hosting a Goth Rock set for Radio Riel.

I would like to thank Miss Schnabel, Miss Paris for a deeply depressing and angst filled evening. Now if you will all excuse me, I am going to go stalk the moors.


Miss Darkling Elytis (above)


Miss Shylah Garmes pleases the crowd (above)


Miss kiralette Kelley (above)


Our Gothi Loli MC, Miss Violet Schnabel (above)


Mr. Erasmus Margulis (above), complete with fangs.


Mr. Nicholas Garrigus (above), looking pretty good for his age.


Miss Darkling Elytis (above)


Miss kiralette Kelley (above) wearing the hit of the show.


Yours Truly (above).


The models assembled (above)



  1. Pity I missed it. But, the fates smile in absentia, for I have recently discovered LaPointe Designs on my own, and plan to peruse their elegant offerings sometime later today.

  2. It was my first SL fashion show I ever attended. I enjoyed it very much.

  3. I’m sorry that I missed the show. I love a nice ensemble in red or black–or both.

  4. Pity that I missed the show as well while here in the land of the never-setting sun, blonde hair and blue eyes. I enjoy the darkness now and again. I shall go immediately and put on my newest gothic-inspired gown and think of all of you.

  5. I was deeply honoured to be invited to participate; the show as well as the Dark Victorian events that day were great fun. I do hope we stir all our dark delight soon with another shadow-inspired party!

    /takes measurements of her grove, calculating maximum occupancy and telleyport throughputs

  6. I just wanted to thank you and Miss Kelley for modeling on Saturday, as well as all the models, you were a large part of the sucess of the fashion show.

  7. I just wanted to thank you for modeling at the fashion show. We could not have done it without all of you.

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