The Models of the Night…


On rare occasions an event will come up in the always burgeoning Caledon social whirl that seems tailor made for me. That was very much the case when I was approached concerning the creation of a Dark Victorian group by Miss Lapin Paris and Miss Violet Schnabel, promoting the more gothic aspects of our beloved Caledon.

I was even more pleased to be informed that the first event of this group would be a fashion show of gothic designs, and further graced with an invitation to model at said event. Humble and retiring though I am, I readily accepted after a bit of cajoling and schedule twisting…and flattery, lots of flattery.

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Tea Amongst the Roses


A small reminder….

Today, Sunday the 8th at 3 PM SLT will be the first Rose Corridor Tea to be held at the House of Three Graces, seat of the Barony of BardHaven in Mayfair.

The tea is for ladies only, and will feature a fashion show by Miss sachi Vixen of Adam & Eve. At the show Miss Vixen will be premiering two new designs, the first of which is a gown she has dubbed Caledon. The second…is a surprise.

For a teleport, please IM the hostess Miss Kirawill Collingwood, Baroness BardHaven. I am sure you will find this event, the first of a planned series of such fashion teas, to be a most enjoyable and worthy event.