Caledon vs Pterodactyls


If someone made a film called Caledon vs. Pterodactyls would you go see it? Darn right you would!

What about Zeppelin vs Pterodactyls? Of course, it is practically the same thing! Well this movie was ALMOST made by the legendary Hammer studio back in the 70s…and the story doesn’t end there.

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Another Match



Just to prove the point I made about hysterical, only vaguely factual media attacks on SL in my post Flames and Matchboxes, I present the following story from in Australia.

That griefer who caged you last week may not be just another stupid kid, but according to this article could be an Al Qaeda terrorist undergoing advanced training, apparently in acting like a putz.

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Flames and Matchboxes


Rumors seems to follow Linden Labs the way liquor stores follow Lindsay Lohan…and like the Freaky Friday star, LL certainly seems to be making no great effort to drive them away.

In the tech blogs, Second Life is always just a few days from death, and if not, they have the stake and mallet all ready. As these intrepid haxxorz report on the fact that SL is uberlame as opposed to such profound online experiences as WoW and LotRO, they also take time to comment on the newest group of “freaks” that LL is rumored to be about to ban at any moment. Two months ago it was Pedophiles (aka Ageplayers and Child Avatars), now it is Beastiality fans (aka Furries)…oh and don’t forget gamblers, but that makes poorer headlines. In between, Dolls and Babyfurs and Goreans and any number of other non-mainstream fetishes were rumored to be facing the Linden Axe in the near future.

These rumors tend to come from two different sources…one fans the fires, while the other lights the matches.

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Ban is the New Black


It seems that Linden Labs is not the only content provider banning that activity they do not approve of. More and more movie studios are attempting to ban such activities as smoking and drinking, in order to keep people from emulating their screen idols.

Part of me dismisses this out of hand as VooDoo Morality, but then I remember that Clark Gable killed the undershirt trade singlehandedly by not wearing on in It Happened One Night. Perhaps such bans could have a positive result?

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A Bowl of Fresh Milk



One of the legends of filmmaking and my personal favorite director, Ingmar Bergman, died today at age 89. I can honestly say my favorite film of all time is his masterpiece, The Seventh Seal. Watching it when I was still a teenager was for me a sort of ephiphany. It taught me a great deal about life and death and how to reconcile them…at a time when I desperately needed that knowledge.

His other great works read like a list of the greatest films of all time. Wild Strawberries, Cries and Whispers, Fanny and Alexander, The Virgin Spring….and so many more. The world is vastly darker without his light, so much harder to see without his vision.

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BardHaven Begins Part 4A

Woolgathering in The Beacon Room

The following is the conclusion of an account of the first meeting between Miss Kirawill Collingwood and the young Zealot Benmergui, Baron of BardHaven.

It is designed to be read in parallel with similar entries by the Baroness, which may be found HERE. Our story picks up after the lady’s reunion with the Baron has been rudely interrupted…by a volcanic eruption.

No, a real volcano.

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Sex and Syndication?


William Shakespeare has gone through numerous deaths and rebirths in the literary world. His works have been dissected, mashed up and then reformed into diverse and often bizarre new creations to match each age and taste that followed his Elizabethan splendor.

It seems that now the same fate is beginning to befall Jane Austen. In fact, Jane Austen has become a hot property, and not just in our fair Caledon.

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Caledon in Motion


I will admit that as voice comes closer to actuality, I have been considering of late other ways to take Caledon to the next phase. Having dismissed Scent technology out of hand I began considering ways to improve the interface to take advantage of the unique nature of Caledon.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was some simple RL gesture one could make to perform equivalent animations in SL? For example, Butter the Scone, Slap the Cad, Expose Your Ankle, Fire the Revolver.

Well, now perhaps such physical manifestations are just around the corner.

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Hip, Smart, Empty


Second Life seems to be everywhere in the media today. In fact, Second Life was featured as a major article in three very different publications this last week…Newsweek, Technology Review and Wired.

What did they have to say? Well for me it boils down to their basic interpretations of what SL is…Hip, Smart or Empty.

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…In a Strange Land


The first book I remember reading for myself, from cover to cover, that didn’t have a picture on every other page, was Robert Heinlein’s Have Space Suit, Will Travel. It’s mix of technology with youthful idealism and the sense that anything was possible proved a touchstone for most of my teen years, and still is today. I still have the same copy.

In later years, Starship Troopers (forget the lame movie version) and Stranger in a Strange Land (of course) played major parts in my progression. As he would now be celebrating his 100th birthday, there is no better moment then now to pay some small tribute to one of the premier dream architects we have known, Mr. Robert Heinlein.

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Coming Soon…


Coming soon, to a Caledonian blog near you….

One tranquil summer morning, the peaceful sea near Caledon is rent asunder as, exploding upward in a cataclysm of steam and Cavorite shavings, a strange ISLAND crowned by a seething volcano takes it’s place offshore, like a vulture hovering over the shoulder of a man eating Salmon Pate that smells a bit off. It’s shores team with savage, jetpack wearing natives as melancholy organ music streams up from diabolical looking caves.

What can this strange volcanic island mean?
What dire portents does this island foretell?
Where the crap did those native guys get jetpacks?
Who, oh who shall stand up to save us all from certain and quite uncomfortable doom?

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D’oh, My Lord


I came across an interesting message and graphic in my email box today and felt that I had to share it with my readers, as there has been a passion of late for taking tests and being “classified“.

Daemons, Hogwort’s houses…that is all very well and good. However, when all is said and done, wouldn’t you rather be a Simpson?

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End of an Era


A publication to which I owe a great deal of my knowledge of the world around me, and to which this very blog owes a considerable debt for it’s style and general outlook is soon to be no more.

Yes, World Weekly News will no longer be sold as printed copies.

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Fashionably Furry


Considering that the next target of Linden morality is rumored to be the Furry community (see an essay I will be posting here soon) I find this tidbit of non-Caledonian Aetheric flotsum to be especially rich.

It seems that a major fashion magazine is running a couture pictorial on fur coats and jackets…with a decidedly Necro-Yiffie overtone.

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BardHaven Begins Part 3A

Woolgathering in The Beacon Room

The following is the continuation of an account of the first meeting between Miss Kirawill Collingwood and the young Zealot Benmergui, Baron of BardHaven.

It is designed to be read in parallel with similar entries by the Baroness, which may be found HERE. Our story picks up after the Baron has left Miss Collingwood in his suite at the Posada de Vampiro in Lauk City, holding her breath…and the bag.

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