Playing with Dolls


As regular readers will remember, I recently commented on a display of Doll fashions and avatars. At the time, I was privately contacted by many asking if there was to be another such event, and the whens and wherefores of it.

I am happy to report that I have been approached by Miss Doll Box, the porcelain princess behind the previous show. She visited BardHaven’s Rose Corridor bearing the invitation to the next Doll event, being held this very weekend and entitled Playthings: Toys Come to SLife.


Your’s truly (above) perusing the invitation, delivered appropriately in a little red wagon.

The focus of this show is slightly different as the theme has been broadened to include all toys, not exclusively dolls. Therefore, Miss Box is expecting all manners of living memories of childhood to be presented, including some which will be updated to reflect the fact that while the toys that are being reproduced may have been owned by children, it is the adults those children became who are creating and viewing the avatars. Therefore, the child-like nostalgia will be blended with grown up creativity, a pinch of intelligent deconstruction and perhaps a small soupcon of naughty whimsy, all presented with a playful wink and winning smile.

Just as with the last show, Playthings will be a combination of fashion show, show and tell and open mike revue. Rather then a standard runway show, in which a designer or group of designers dress models in their designs for display, these Doll shows feature normal enthusiasts who are displaying their avatars and the looks they enjoy. These may be created using the works of many different people, with some “homebuilt” by the models themselves. I feel this is a vastly superior model to the standard, as while it highlights the work of designers, it also showcases the enthusiasm and creativity of the community itself. Rather then just a sales event, it becomes a celebration of all the things that people value and enjoy about a community and a style.

Of all the many and varied communities I have encountered in the Metaverse and beyond, the Dolls are one of my favorite. Despite the ignorance of the mob, they refuse to be lumped in with other groups that have felt the cold blade of official restrictions and continue to insist on being what they are. They have found a way to make use of the tools the Lindens have given us to create works of great beauty and sometimes breathtaking pathos and emotion. In a world of artists, they make THEMSELVES into art, and I salute their courage, their intelligence and their sense of style. I feel they deserve the support of every Caledonian, since we battle common enemies in intolerance and moralistic simplicity, and together worship the muses of beauty, personal expression and enlightened self-awareness.


Playthings: Toys Come to SLife will be presented on June 30th at All Dolled uP in Lummerland (215, 45, 672) at 1PM SLT. The Dolls will love to see you, and I can guarantee it will be a lovely, warm and thought provoking presentation.

In addition, I am pleased to give you advance notice that a Doll event is being planned for the end of July to be held under the patronage of BardHaven in the The Rose Corridor, which will focus on Victorian Doll Avatars. More information will soon be available.



  1. I would be very interested in more information on the Victorian doll show at Bardhaven, when you have it.

  2. In another life in another universe ( My design studio was called DollyDestroyer Inc. due to my RL habit of taking store bought dolls stripping them down, ripping their hair out, scraping their faces off then repainting, rerooting (hair) and then hand sewing new dresses for them… needless to say I love dolls and am quite sad that I will miss this event. I do hope there will be more.

    And maybe I will revive my DollyDestroyer group in SL… for old time sake.

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