Tiny Fashions – Poncy Clive

While I do not normally involve myself in Tiny fashions, being ordinarily rather large, in this instance I simply could not resist. The noted Caledonian and worlds traveler Dr.Oolon Sputnik has released a series of quite proper morning coats for the Tiny set.

While the formal name of these coats is Poncy (which is quite accurate I might add), the less formal name of these garments is The Clive, in honor or my dear deceased comrade. Such a gesture truly warms my heart, though I still won’t lend the good Doctor money.

The garment, as seen here worn by yours truly in my Tim, Lamb of Satan persona, is a quite impressive piece of workmanship.

The garment is entirely constructed of prims which makes it quite realistic, in fact, somewhat more realistic then similar coats made for hairless primates. I have opted not to wear the sleeve prims in these photos as my beloved Kirawill, who agreed to pose with me for these pictures, is deeply affected in a carnal fashion by the way my mighty lamb arms flex in my Tim persona. She says it reminds her of an unusually soft yet firm Gund she habitually slept with when of a delicate age just before womanhood.

I was greatly impressed by the attention to detail Sputnik showed in these coat and trousers sets, most especially in the silver belt buckle (always important for the devil-may-care rodent about town to have a blinging belt buckle) , the brass buttons and the lace ruff at the neck, or as Kira described it “That wee bit of sexy lace at your cute widdle throaty woaty”

I feel The Clive, available in four colors, will be seen by most Tinnies as an essential garment, especially when they might be called to a tea party held by unusually formal wood elves, or when the Queen herself mistakes laudenum for her dropsy medication and stands undressed on the dome of St Peter’s calling for “All my weeeeeeee friends to come back and let me shave you….” as she did last Shrovetide.

Of course, I must also comment on the great amount of feeling the good Doctor has shown by naming this fine coat in honor of my dear departed Clive. Somewhere, wherever he may be, I have no doubt Clive is munching some bit of dandelion a little more proudly knowing he has been afforded such an honor.

An interesting note is that I found wearing The Clive in my normal form, the coat makes an excellent emergency Sporran, or a manhood warmer for brisk days. Slaves will value it as a soft place to rest their cheek when their Master is wearing spiky trousers, or simply as a convenient way for them to surreptitiously wipe their mouths….should they…umm…well…have some need to wipe something off their mouths.

A truly versatile design by Dr. Sputnik, who deserves the praise and thanks of Tinnies, and men inclined to chills, everywhere.


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  1. You are, uncharacteristically, too kind m’lord and I’m please to be able to offer this small token gesture of remembrance for the the ‘Bunny that Launched a 1000 Ships’.


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