Men’s Fashion – FallnAngel


As any gentleman who struggles to have a rich and varied wardrobe in the Metaverse can tell you, sometimes you simply need to be creative. That becomes more and more true everyday, as it seems every new menswear boutique or haberdashery these days caters to the “urban” look. Identical pairs of low rise jeans (usually highly distressed or simply covered in mud/grease/blood) and “modern print” shirts featuring rude statements or attempts at being both graphically profound and cynical simultaneously abound. As in Caledon the only individual a gentleman calls “dawg” is his loyal Retriever, this leaves the pickings somewhat slim when it comes time to update one’s closet.

However, never underestimate the joy of finding a hidden gem, or even more appropriately, an onyx amongst the rubies. In today’s menswear column I am examining the high gothic ladies wear of Azriel Demain of FallnAngel.

Confused? You really shouldn’t be. Mr. Demain makes some of the most beautiful gothic and fantasy clothing for women that can be found in the Metaverse. His designs are sumptuous, dramatic, varied, and all come in a vast array of colors. Technically as one walks around his extensive shop, FallnAngel, one at first sees he does not produce menswear, save for one or two designs clearly labeled as Unisex, but unsuitable for any of the Victorian sims.

However, on closer examination (and a bit of experimentation) one sees that several of his suits, designed for women, can be worn just as effectively by men. Most of these are created with a firm eye toward androgyny and dramatic effect, therefore they serve quite well as garments for the gothic or vampiric gentleman, or in my case, the slightly evil, staunchly gothic Baron about town.

Each of Mr. Demain’s designs have a tremendous sense of style and grand guignol decadence about them and are certain to turn heads. His texturing and shadowing are first rate and each outfit is sold with apt and beautifully created prim additions, often including tails for the jackets, walking sticks and hats. In addition, most of his suits are worn on multiple layers, allowing for considerable variety and mixing and matching. This only adds to their value.

All of the designs I model above were originally designed and are sold for women but have become some of my favorite ensembles when I wish to make a statement or attract attention to myself (as rare as that may be).

In the illustration, from left to right, I am wearing: Arachnid, Bokhuval (front and back shown), Morion and Roesor (front and back shown).

As a side note, the most beautiful fabric effects I have seen in the Metaverse can be found in the Bokhuval suit, available in eight colors. Be sure to click on the illustration to see the larger version to get the full effect of the sensuous smoke motif.

All of the above designs can be found in FallnAngel’s main store in Falln Sanctuary (228, 230, 301). While there, be sure to look through Mr. Demain’s wonderful selection of gowns, silks, suits, kimonos, lingerie and accessories for a perfect gothic gift for that special someone. After all, what says love like a brocade and leather corset?

NOTE: If you are likely to be “broadly offended” by disturbing yet thought provoking images along horror themes, focus on the clothing not the artwork for sale in the shop. If however you are drawn to images which send shivers down your spine and ideas through the darker side of your subconscious, take time to go image by image. Your dreams may be troubled that night but you won’t regret the exploration.



  1. Just FYI, Arachnid is actually listed as menswear.

    Though it is one of my favorite outfits–obviously inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, yet distinctive and subtle, I find it utterly enthralling and even keep a separate shape and skin only to wear with it.

  2. Rats, I thought I was going to get to see your knees again.


  3. He DOES have some fantastic knees, doesn’t he, Cap’n? ;)

  4. Fuschia Begonia nods and winks

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