Words Fail Me….


I deliberately keep RL politics, more or less, out of this blog and Caledon in general. After all, we have more then enough drama in the Metaverse without importing any. However, I just simply had to report this story in case it slips past some of my neighbors.

Sometimes, children’s television can be used to teach more than phonics and the difference between near and far. The following story about the end of a mouse named Farfur is reposted from the BBC. The horror, the horror.

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My Dinner with Fuschia


As many of my readers are already aware, in the recent South Pacific event I placed myself upon the block for charity. In the ensuing madness, well-known local Pixie Fuschia Begonia paid a cool 10G for an evening of my time.

Knowing my reputation, this caused many raised eyebrows in the blue-stocking set and much conjecture that the previously proper pixie finally giving way to her wild Fairie roots. Therefore, I feel duty bound to tell my side of this evening before some hidden paparazzi puts the video on YouTube. I can tell you one thing, the date went on a good deal longer then I think either myself or my purchaser had expected.

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Geniuses At Work?


They say there is a fine line between genius and madness.

While I have no idea which side of that line the creators of the Rube Goldberg special that appears in this video would fall on if hucked into the air by a giant catapult made of Popsicle sticks, I just know I want them on MY team.

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Caledon: The Motion Picture


I am tired. When I am tired, oftentimes my mind goes places I didn’t send it and brings me back things. It did that today as I was considering the current noise about the Transformers movie over lunch.

What it brought me back was a question, written on a little vellum scroll. The question read as follows: Who would play who in Caledon: The Motion Picture? As I chewed the question along with my beef pad thai, I began to come up with some suggestions, and the decision to open the game to my fellow citizens.

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Teatime in BardHaven


I am pleased to announce a special event being held here at the Barony a week from Sunday.

My lovely wife the Baroness Kirawill is honored to invite the ladies of Caledon to join her for a Rose Corridor Tea to be held at 3 SLT on July 8th in Mayfair, in the garden adjacent to The House of Three Graces.

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Playing with Dolls


As regular readers will remember, I recently commented on a display of Doll fashions and avatars. At the time, I was privately contacted by many asking if there was to be another such event, and the whens and wherefores of it.

I am happy to report that I have been approached by Miss Doll Box, the porcelain princess behind the previous show. She visited BardHaven’s Rose Corridor bearing the invitation to the next Doll event, being held this very weekend and entitled Playthings: Toys Come to SLife.

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Seasons Change in Winterfell


The twilight Sims of Winterfell have been undergoing several exciting changes lately. The four federated Sims under the leadership of Serra Anansi bask in the shadows of an endless sunset, a haven for those of us who enjoy life to be a slightly darker hue then Caledon.

The changes include some new locations for the main Sim of Winterfell, as well as some administration changes for the entire area.

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