New Release – Highwayman by Adam and Eve


Adam & Eve, the design house of Sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla, is one of my favorite “One-Stop Shops” in all of the Metaverse.

Having recently gained acclaim for their excellent avatar and costume work in the now famous Silverscreen Sim, I was thrilled to find a box from Miss Vixen waiting for me when I arrived today, containing her newest design for men, Highwayman, for my consideration.

As I had expected, the design suited me perfectly. The ensemble is quite typical of Adam & Eve’s work, being well-constructed and dramatic with a sizable dose of whimsy. Miss Vixen’s designs are simply tremendous fun to wear.

Highwayman consists of black trousers, a ruffled white shirt and a black jacket with silver fillagree trim. In addition there is a prim stand-up collar, and prim lace attachments at the throat and wrists.

The garment has a very powerful masculine feeling while retaining the somewhat foppish, dramatic aspect the name Highwayman implies. My favorite part of the outfit was actually the lace additions. The texture was lush but also masculine…a heavy Belgian style lace that added just the right touch to the garment. The silver filigree trim on the jacket is also a joy to behold.

Another element that I applaud is something that is NOT there, and that is a skirt to create a longer jacket. This design is perfectly suited to a short jacket. Increasing the line of the coat, as other less experienced designers would be tempted to make possible, would have destroyed the feeling of decadent action this style exudes. It is stylish and dashing, but also clearly meant to be worn for daring-do and mad adventures.

Adam & Eve offers a wonderful line of skin, hair, gowns, period costumes and silks. I always urge shoppers to take a look at the wares of Miss Vixen and Mr. Gorilla, no matter what they may be seeking, since they almost always have some fine examples of whatever you may be looking for. Adam & Eve is also a wonderful destination for the newcomer or neophyte shopper due to the sheer breadth of their available designs as well as their reasonable prices. An added plus is that the designers themselves are often about the premises, and always ready to help.

In my opinion, Highwayman is another winning period design by Adam & Eve. It is quite well suited to a midnight ride through Caledon, whether you are seeking to rescue Bess the innkeeper’s daughter…or to steal her away for yourself.

All Adam & Eve designs can be found on their private Sim, Genesis.



  1. Oh, that looks simply wonderful. I’m still planning on getting at least one shade of her Venetian gown; she’s really doing wonderful work with lace details this year.

  2. Sir,

    Thanks to your review of the Highwayman, I have visited Adam and Eve and attempted to bankrupt Major Margulis in the process. I spent such an embarrassing amount of money in fact that I received a thank-you note from the vendor the next day. *blush* I believe that Major Margulis would like to have a word with you regarding the wisdom of encouraging woman to spend money! J

    Miss L. Beaumont
    Caledon Cay

  3. What a lovely review of a fun outfit but where have you put your hat?!

    In of the Major’s possible bankruptcy, thank goodness we didn’t pistols in the costume!

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