Beltane Burns


I am extremely pleased to see that despite the ongoing political…ummm…controversies, we are still able to gather for celebrations as friends and neighbors, Caledonians all.

This was made refreshingly clear at the recent Beltane bonfires, held by Eva Bellambi, Duchess of Loch Avie on her beautiful estate.

The evening was filled with dancing, spectacles and surprises as the Duchess lit the fires that in some traditions will summon the warmth of Spring to our wintery lands. Following, as tradition demanding, was much dancing and frolicking, with I am sure many passionate trysts beyond the light of the bonfires.

The music was ably provided again (in what has become a beloved Caledon tradition) by that most regal of platter-spinners, the Duchess Gabirelle of Carntaigh.

The long, rigid pole so essential for these rituals of fertility and rebirth was provided by Miss Kate Nicholas with the brightly colored ribbons descending from it’s impressive tip scripted by Mr. ZenMondo Wormser.

In addition to the gaity, a ceremony was held in which Mr. ZenMondo Wormser, Mr. Telemachus Dean and Prof. Adso Krogstad were inducted as Knights of The Order of the Red Rose by Duchess Eva Bellambi for their service to Caledon.

Of the many events that occurred in the light of the Beltane fires, I am most pleased to announce that my boon companion and neighbor, Mr. Edward Pearse finally found the nerve to make an honest woman of the dear and delightful Miss Christine McAllister of SteelHead and Caledon. The date of their handfasting will be announced, I am sure, as soon as the now betrothed couple comes up for air.

I would like to thank Duchess Loch Avie for hosting this wonderful evening, and to all those who attended who proved in sterling fashion that wars may come, wars may go, but the fellowship of Caledon is eternal.


The Duchess of Loch Avie (above), looking charmingly Grecian save for the big yellow thing.


The Duchess of Carntaigh (above), lovely in lavender and diamonds.


The Duchess of Primverness (above), CoyoteAngel Dimsum, showing why furries have more fun.


Miss Gloire Thibaud (above), relaxing by the bonfire with nary a marshmallow in sight.


Mr Gnarlithotep Abel (above), carrying a torch.


Miss Lumina Elvehjem (above), apparently trying to summon springtime all by herself…and succeeding.


Yours truly (above), in a melancholy moment.


The enigmatic Miss Qlippothic Projects (above), waiting for the deviled eggs to be served.


Miss ShayLee Greenspan (above), outshining the bonfire.


Miss Terry Lightfoot (above), all wings and glowing eyes.


Mr Viderian Vollmer and Miss Victoria Baxter (above), a study in graceful contrasts.



  1. Dear me! Thank you for the wonderful words. We had a wonderful time. Point of clarification. It was I who knighted the three wonderful gentlemen you mention above. They are all now members of my own court, and are the first in the Order of the Red Rose. The third knight is Sir Adso Krogstad, a long time friend of mine, a Professor in the Royal Society, and a great explorer.

    Oh – and how appropriate that the Maypole Ribbon (the large yellow thing) was exiting my pelvis in the picture above. Ah spring!

    I shall have to try to find a more flattering picture of me, sir, for you to post. ;)

  2. Corrected as you suggested, Your Grace.

    And yes..I did notice that you and the maypole seemed very…biblically acquainted in that picture but chose not to mention it, lest I blush.

  3. Now, now, Lord Bardhaven. Miss Christine has been an honest woman for many months, now. She hasn’t worked for Le Jardin since long before it closed…

  4. Thank you for your corrections, Baron Bardhaven.

    Forgive me if I have made you uncomfortable by mentioning the connection to the maypole. I forgot your delicate sensibilities for a moment.

  5. as soon as the now betrothed couple comes up for air.

    It could be a while. I just built this new set of air tanks…

  6. It was indeed a wonderful night! Thank you for the post Lord Bardhaven! :-)

  7. Alas, some of your photographs seem to be not loading. It was a lovely evening.

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