Childhood Reveries


In the Library of The House of Three Graces, baronial seat of BardHaven, there rests a book. An ancient, leather volume declaiming the history of the house and it’s denizens.

These days, it is often left open to those distant entries chronicling the childhood of the Baron of BardHaven himself. Tonight, as teutonic sobbings seem to echo through darkened halls, it is turned to a page from a child’s diary, pasted carefully into the hoary tome and bordered in black. Beneath it is the simple legend…Lil’ Zealot, Age 12, Diary.


Zealot Benmergui, Age 12


Today was very sad and scary. Old Edgar told me to tend to Clive in the Lily Garden while he saw to the picnic luncheon for Mummy. Clive was so cute today in the sunlight, playing in the grass. I would pretend to hide, and he would find me. I didn’t mind playing with him, even when I had to be sure he didn’t wander into the border swamp, or Uncle Mortimer’s Science Shed. I loved him. He was my only real friend.

I only went inside for a second, to get my Necronomicon to read to him since I wanted to impress Old Edgar with how serious minded and studious I was being. It took me a little while since the venus flytraps planted along the hedgerow were in season that day, and were wrapping their tendrils around anything they could get to try and make little venus flytrap babies with them. Mummy said they were cheeky buggers.

When I came out I saw them. A bunch of funny looking grownups with a little girl in a velvet dress and big hair. She was playing with Clive, and Clive was rubbing against her as the grown ups (who had funny accents) were telling her that he was probably lost and they should take him home. She got really excited then, and picked him up, saying he would be delicious, as he was so nice and plump. One of the grownups took Clive from the girl then, calling the girl Kendra, and carried poor Clive by an ear before shoving him into a bag while he squealed. The girl he called Kendra with the big hair and pointy chin then said he would likely feed them all that day. The pointed helmeted grown ups agreed and laughed like the evil vampires they were and by the time I got past the venus flytrap again, they were gone.

I threw myself on the grass and cried and cried. Old Edgar came to find me and patted my back as I told him the whole story. He said it didn’t matter as Mummy was going to give me a baby sister soon, but I knew it did matter.

I swore right then on my Father’s grave, wherever it was, that I WOULD have my revenge on that Kendra girl with her big hair and her vampires with the pointy helmets. I even said it in Latin so it would count more.

I would make them pay.

We had pudding that night after dinner…the kind with the rice in it. It was very nice.

Later, Lucy Westbrook came to play while her mother and mine watched the servants do their special naked dance. We played Field Surgeon. That was the scary part.

Old Edgar said that she would be as good as new once the ether wore off.

I hope she found her frock. It was pretty.



  1. If that’s what your mother dressed you in when you were 12 that might explain a lot…

  2. Actually, if he was that tall when he was twelve that tends to explain more…

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