After the Ball…


The following wax recording (transcribed hereafter) and packet of photographs was left on the doorsteps of certain well known individuals in both Caledon and Neualtenberg.

The plain manila envelope had only the following words, inscribed with a heavy hand in plain black ink.





Kendra Bancroft: We demand to be released this instant!!!

Zealot Benmergui: I fear that won’t be possible…Now, if you are wise…you will come quietly to your new Shloss.

Kendra Bancroft: I see that I have little choice till my Husren arrive

Zealot Benmergui: This way..spit spot

Kendra Bancroft: Maintain your tone, cur

Kirawill Collingwood growls

Kirawill Collingwood: Don’t speak to him like that.

Zealot Benmergui: *smiles…and nods…this way

Kirawill Collingwood: Know your place, woman.

Kendra Bancroft: I am Kaiserin —

Kirawill Collingwood: You are a prisoner.

Kendra Bancroft: I speak as I am wont to do

Kirawill Collingwood: …Now shift it.

Zealot Benmergui: Kaiserin…and a Murderess

Kirawill Collingwood pushes Kendra up the stairs

Zealot Benmergui: You don’t even remember Clive…but somewhere…he remembers you

Kendra Bancroft: ooof

Kirawill Collingwood: Up the next set too

Kendra Bancroft: ooof

Kirawill Collingwood: and up…

Zealot Benmergui: Don’t harm her my love….yet

Kirawill Collingwood smiles

Kirawill Collingwood: if she keeps talking to you in that manner…

Zealot Benmergui: In you go

The sound of a cell door opening.

Zealot Benmergui: NOW, my lady..or I will LET Kira see if that silly hair is real…

Kendra Bancroft: unhand me

Kendra Bancroft: offf!

Kendra Bancroft: ooof

The sound of a cell door…closing.

Kendra Bancroft: I demand to speak to your superior!

Zealot Benmergui: I AM my superior…


Kendra Bancroft: oaf

Kendra Bancroft: Do you know who we are!?

Zealot Benmergui: Yes…I have known you for murderous scum since my youth…and I know what to do with you

Kendra Bancroft: where is my dagger???

Kendra Bancroft: h-how?

Zealot Benmergui: Missing something? I think Hotspur buried it in one of your nobles as he was leaving

Kendra Bancroft: not Jaeger? NoooOOOOOOOOO

Kendra Bancroft: is he –?

Zealot Benmergui: You had best worry about yourself, for the moment

Zealot Benmergui: Now…if you will sit in the chair first.

Kendra Bancroft: Insolent cur!

A camera shutter clicks….


Zealot Benmergui: Very on the rack please..and then you may sleep off the excitement of your busy night.

Kendra Bancroft: When Jaeger and Albrecht return to Neualtenburg they will raise such a force as Caledon has never seen!!

Zealot Benmergui: I sincerely doubt they will return..therefore, no force

The sound of manacles being closed…

Zealot Benmergui: However, I am sure your countrymen will enjoy the pictures

Kendra Bancroft: we stick our royal tongue at you

Zealot Benmergui: Careful I don’t cut it you did to Clive

A camera shutter clicks…


Zealot Benmergui: Any other position you would suggest love..for a picture for the folks back home?

Kirawill Collingwood looks thoughtful

Kirawill Collingwood: I’m afraid not, unless there’s one of abject misery to wipe that look off her face

Zealot Benmergui: This one is always popular

The sound of chains being shifted, and manacles closed…

A camera shutter clicks…


Kendra Bancroft: Dear god!

Zealot Benmergui: or this one

The sound of chains being shifted, and manacles closed…

A camera shutter clicks…


Zealot Benmergui: or of course..this one

The sound of chains being shifted, and manacles closed…

A camera shutter clicks…


Kirawill Collingwood: I like the first one

The sound of chains being shifted, and manacles closed…

Zealot Benmergui: this one?

Kirawill Collingwood: yes

Kendra Bancroft: My citizens will NOT stand for this!!!!

Zealot Benmergui: Be comforted that for today’s postcards..we allowed you to stay dressed…and alone

Zealot Benmergui: Now then..good night. Get some’ll need it for the morning

Kendra Bancroft: you are leaving me like THIS????

Zealot Benmergui: Ummm….Yes

Kendra Bancroft: please…

Zealot Benmergui: I said please once…Clive is still dead…at the hands of your people.

Kendra Bancroft: at least a more modest position

Kendra Bancroft: I –I beg you

Zealot Benmergui: I begged too…

Zealot Benmergui: See what good it did.


The sound of chains clanking..then a heavy door shutting and locking….



  1. Who stabbed Sir Edward? That’s what I want to know…

  2. Nooooo! Kendra!

    You will pay for this Bardhaven…I swear on our Grandfather’s name that you will pay for this.

    The people of Caledon, you included, think I have naught but social events on my mind…

    Prepare to meet the Tigress Lord Bardhaven.

  3. Miss Pennyfeather stabbed Mr. Pearse!:(

  4. So it has come to this.

    My MI 5 operatives told me that they believed that you held the Kaiserin, but I was certain they had been given faulty information. I see now I was the one who was wrong.

    Rest assured, Lord Bardhaven, I am resolved to bring this to a good end. Peace for our state, and safety for my cousin.

    I will be in touch.

  5. :::::weep::::sniff:::choke:::::sob:::::

  6. I.. I.. I just can’t believe this. Zealot! Kira! My old friends involved in this heinous plot to kidnap and torture Kendra? How could you?????? Oh the humanity!

    Don’t worry Kendra I know where they live. I’ll save you!

  7. Perfidy.
    War I can accept, but to treat Kendra like this is vile.

  8. Bardhaven peeps…

    I have your tea.

    You’ll release Kendra if you ever want to drink another drop of tea.

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