The Reconciliation Ball between ourselves and the Neucluelessgits is finally upon us. Caledon is abuzz with activity as our friendly, naive population tries on lederhosen and wears silly hats to make our “new best friends” feel more at home.

However, Reconciliation requires PENANCE and that is something the Kaiserin and her cast of rejects from a village production of Die Fledermaus have not paid….YET.

The Governor, the Duchesses….so many are so very eager and willing to turn their eyes away from all of our foes past misdeeds, and instead focus on the Ball and the craven pandering for pleasant, quiet relations…ignoring all that we have lost to these pointy-helmeted menaces.

I am simply not prepared to do this. I will not reconcile with them until they ADMIT their horrific deeds at last…UNTIL THEY REGRET WHAT THEY DID TO CLIVE. I swore to him I would not REST until some kind of justice was visited upon his persecuters…and though I was only a boy, some debts know no age.

The Kaiserin’s moment of penance has arrived…penance for poor Clive.

Let the Metaverse tremble!!!



(cue lightning and organ fugue) 


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