A Chance Encounter…?


Yesterday, as my dear Kirawill and I were standing about idly in beautiful Victoria City, having a small but extremely heart felt public quarrel on an otherwise deserted sidewalk, I chanced to look up and noted a singularly unexpected figure approaching us from the direction of the telehub.

To be honest, our argument about the nature of historical reference in relation to present courses of action was immediately dropped in favor of gawking at this new arrival. A chance encounter? Perhaps, though I doubt it. Needless to say it was an unusual moment when the Baron met the Kaiserin.


I must say the lady who approached us, none other than Kendra Bancroft, the Kaiserin of Neutwhatmacallit herself, was absolutely civil if glacially reserved. I had begrudging respect for her courage, as considering the lingering tension between our two lands, I would not wander unarmed and alone through Neualtwhereeverthecrap.

I was not totally certain this was not some sort of teutonic ruse, as she clearly had sought me out specifically, so I kept one hand near the hilt of my sword as we exchanged pleasantries. I even told her I was looking forward to Reconciliation festivities I had heard whispered about…just as certain powerful figures had instructed me to do, should the matter ever come up over tea or an exchange of small arms fire.

The Kaiserin noted in a patently duplicitous manner that she did not understand the animosity between Caledon and Neuthatothersim (as if…). As we talked, I could tell she was glancing around surreptitiously, as if looking for the location of vital power junctions or key levee dams or other essential items of infrastructure.

She must have realized that I was not being fooled by her ostentatiously casual reconnoitering, as she then from out of nowhere produced the absurd story that she has been invited to Victoria City by the Governor himself to (swallow anything you are drinking now lest you ruin a perfectly good keyboard) ASSIST IN SOME BUILDING DESIGN.




As if our illustrious Governor, who practically built all of our beautiful land with his own pixelated hands and an ebook on Prim Wrangling required assistance from the likes of a Neutflippitygibbet potentate in a silly hat with a title that sounds more like a pastry than a ruler.

I controlled myself admirably, since I make a point of never calling a woman a Liar unless she is nude or my mother, but I believe Kira may have snorted once in ladylike derision.

We exchanged a few more pleasantries of a vague and insincere nature, and then the Kaiserin wandered off into Silver Rose, apparently thinking that the Governor may be there, trying on a new spring frock perhaps.

I kept careful tabs on her, however, until she finally disappeared for parts unknown, surely bent upon some other evil scheme.

Clearly, our enemies are subtle and active. This has made me even more certain that despite the desire of our noble Governor and certain other good-hearted but naive Caledonians to wish to think the best of foreigners, sometimes true patriots must take…desperate actions.



  1. Thank you Baron BardHaven for this information. May I expect that you will be contacting me in a more secure fashion to go over more particulars? What good fortune that you and Kira happened to be in that place at that time!
    Will be in touch!

    Helping Desmond…indeed! *snort*

  2. I am even now penning my full “eyes only” report, Your Grace. We have gained much from the Kaiserin’s foolish foray into espionage.

  3. Most er.. illuminating. Good to see that you were able to find out what she was really here for.


  4. **Carefully removes that page from the ledger and adjusts the figures accordingly.**

  5. Well done, Baron. I suspect you will be reacquainted with the Empress shortly. Is all prepared?


  6. *shakes her head at the lot of you*

    Dear Cousin Kendra was in town to talk of the lovely Ball I am throwing for her this Saturday!

    “Reconciliation Day” – it will be a time for Caledonians and Neualtenburgers to resume their civil relations.

    And if any of you cause a ruckus at my party, I shall be very aggrieved indeed!

  7. Cousin Gabrielle –
    You are right, of course. However, as head of MI 5, I must endeavor to keep all possibilities in front of me….even when it involves family.
    But how could I have forgotten that Cousin Kendra was in town to discuss the ball.
    mea culpa

    I shall still be required to review your report, however, Baron.

  8. Well, I’m up taking Kendra for a spin around the dance floor next weekend ;-)

    I have to say it, I’ve always found the Neualtenburgers to be a charming and peacefully self-governed and democratic people with a capital nothing short of a snow-endowed, non-profit cooperative. A republic of artisans which (Terry assures me) has with some splendid retail opportunities of their own, if clearly a little lacking in the formal frock department.

    If I may venture, swapping mud and live rounds for dancing and champagne is personally always preferable :-)


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