Duchess of DEATH??


The following photos, taken by a hidden camera and delivered to BardHaven’s Department of Scandal and Innuendo by an unknown masked courier who was later found dead, DRESSED AS A CLOWN in the bedroom of an unnamed Linden are so shocking, so troubling, so OUTRAGEOUS that this correspondent cannot take responsibility for the effect they will have on the delicate and refined population of Caledon.

Remember, no matter what you are forced to do to yourself with a ballpoint pen to try to preserve your sanity, it is NOT MY FAULT. If you are able to accept that little precondition, click the link below…BUT I WARNED YOU!






Is that TRULY our dear Duchess of Carntaigh?

If so, where is she, and what is she doing there?

Who is the mysterious masked neko with her and what is his fuzzy-eared purpose?

Why is mint chocolate chip ice cream that awful shade of green?

Can this have anything to do with the phantom talking to the flamingo seen in Caledon Tamrannoch?

What nefarious plan is being hatched, perhaps a COUP D’ETAT?

Are old scores to be settled? Will some avatar be sleeping with the prim fishes tonight???

As this correspondent learns more…so will you.



  1. *GASP!*

  2. Why, the Duchess seems quite blase in that sequence.. she might be at cards or some such. No need to jump to any conclusions, citizens.

  3. A NEKO y’say?

    The photos be so blurry I thought they was HORNS..



  4. But this is Caledon… there shouldn’t be any ball point pens!

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