A Sleepy Little Sim…


As my Kirawill and I awaited the impending power down orchestrated by our Linden masters, we decided to take a brief ramble, to see what the wonderful Boggle box that is Caledon would spell for us.

We found ourselves in Caledon II, the second of our sims to be founded, and a more subtle contrast to Old Caledon would be difficult to imagine.

Where Old Caledon has a semi industrial feel to it now as progress has slowly made it into a technological hub, Caledon II is extremely bucolic and residential.

When we arrived, the first thing that struck us was the largest and most spectacular treehouse that either kira or I had ever seen. It is truly a masterpiece of arborical engineering and filled my girl with a renewed hunger for the land in the upcoming Kittywickshire she has her heart set on. It was all I could do to keep her from turning into a koala and to start planting giant tulips right there at the telehub. Luckily I found some way to distract her….

From that dramatic beginning, we wandered like overdressed children, admiring the impressive homes and beautiful, stately bonds and streams that dot the landscape.

Of special note was the giant chess board and the wonderful hedge maze supported by Bastillion Bachman, the lovely seaside gingerbread house of Miss Cornelia Rothschild and the fascinating shop of the indomitable Miss Cyn Vandeverre. We were especially taken with the little steam launches she sets out for the use of guests to ply the many waterways of Caledon II. To save on the bother of discarded steam launches dotting the rural landscape, the boats automatically return home when they are abandoned.

The ships are available to purchase and take home for the bargain price of 10L. However, after we did so (as kira simply HAD to have one of the wee little boats), we found that they are far too attached to Miss Vandeverre. When we used it around Mayfair and Caledon Cay and abandoned it, it did indeed go home, but not to BardHaven, rather it returned like a wooden rocket to Miss Vandeverre. I could half suspect this is some sort of “racket” for Miss Vandeverre to collect and resell parasols and picnic baskets foolishing left in the boats, but I will assume it is just a quirk of the vessels and their powerful attachment to her. It reminded me of The Incredible Journey, but instead of domestic pets, it is nautical craft facing massive odds to return to their beloved mistress.

Our time in Caledon II was throughly peaceful and enjoyable, though we were both struck by the fact that many of the houses seem to be unfinished or unfurnished. Perhaps there is more land to be had in Caledon then we are aware of, as absent landlords hoard land for future speculation?

Not that it matters, as Caledon continues to grow at a merry rate. As long as our original Sims are still as pleasant and lovely as Caledon II, we Caledonians will continue to go from strength to strength


Yours truly (above), finding just the place for those who feel they lack direction.


Coming upon some ancient idol (above) as we sailed we left an Ernie doll as a respectful sacrifice. Does Miss Tombola know of this curious artifact?


The treehouse at the end of the universe (above).


Myself and my beloved Baroness (above) enjoying an intimate moment in the lovely gazebo of Miss Cornelia Rothschild. 


Adrift in the Hedge Maze (above), but which of us is the lost one? 


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  1. Oh, dear! I will certainly help you to make sure that the boat performs properly for you, and return any picnic baskets I find that the boats have been hoarding. I should also increase their feed; maybe that is why it ran off with the picnic.

    I suspect that you bought a boat, and went riding in the one that you found at the dock? If this is so, then we have the solution right there — you need to rez your new boat from inventory. The place you rez it becomes its home port, so if you are out adventuring, be sure to “take” it with you when you are done, or else you’ll have to chase it back to its origin point.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the boat ride; I had heard about them and bought my first from Mr. Argent Stonecleaver, who is doing everyone a great service by selling them (also for L$10.)

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