Caledon Vice


BardHaven’s Department of Scandal and Innuendo has received another interesting report from our top secret contact, Forum.

On the prowl through Caledon Tamrannoch disguised as a small teddy bear named Alois Teacozy he was able to take the following mysterious pictures, and record a snippet of the conversation of what appears to be an actual SPY!

As he strolled along the moonlit railroad tracks in his impenetrable yet disturbingly adorable disguise, our agent Forum noted something odd going on in the shadowy underbrush near a stately home (or at least odder then normal), and spied a dark and foreboding figure, apparently armed with a black scabbarded sword, in tense and whispered conversation with what appeared to be a pink flamingo in a conductor’s hat.

Forum snapped the following pictures with the miniature camera artfully hidden in his left shiny button eye.

sneak_002.jpg sneak_001.jpg

The shadowy figure said the following to the flamingo, according to Forum, who frantically jotted the words down on a marshmallow peep…

“Henry Percy, this is the Black Baron. Met with Tippler, informed her the cake box for the Sacher Torte is ready and I understand the recipe. The caramel mocha frosting and squeeze bag are also ready, if required. I await further orders. Caledon Forever. “

The shadowy figure then disappeared into the night quite rudely failing to give the flamingo a chance to reply. Forum would have followed the shadowy figure, but he was then set upon a little girl who dragged him to a so-called tea party with someone named Mrs. Beasley and Floppsy the Velveteen Koala.

He barely escaped with his fuzzy life and virtue in tact…but that is not relevant to this report.

What can these dark tidings portend? This chronicler has no idea.

None what so ever.

My mind is a blank.

What? Oh, I’m sorry, what were we talking about?


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