Women’s Fashion – Silver Rose


Today I am quite pleased to feature a designer who needs no introduction the the fashionable ladies of Caledon. I speak of course of the woman behind Silver Rose, Yuriko Mur0machi.

Making her headquarters in Victoria City, one could almost say that Miss Muromachi is the signature designer of the Caledonian experience.

The gowns of Silver Rose are complexity and depth of their designs. No designer currently working can pack quite as much drama and luxury into a gown or simple frock as Miss Muromachi. Her gowns look so realistic while being so perfectly rendered artistically that I am consistently in awe if the skill that went into their execution. The textures are often so painstakingly created and complex that I am amazed how much three dimensional splendor she can bequeath on the humble skirt of jacket layer.

I still remember in the days before Caledon, haunting her shop, listening as someone explained how she had begun creating special garments on the skirt layers worn BENEATH her prim skirt, so as to then avoid the prevalent problem of ladies stepping forward while their skirts lingered behind, exposing private assets. This is the kind of innovation which has come to be expected from Silver Rose.

Silver Rose is a prime source now in Caledon for formal gowns and day frocks both, as well as lolita dresses, hats, and menswear (some of which I have looked at previously in this column). All of these products carry the quality and beauty we have come to expect from Miss Muromachi.

Most of her creations come in at least three colors or palatte choices, often with design variations also available.

You can find Silver Rose in Victoria City at 145, 80, 24.

In the illustration above, my beloved Kirawill Collingwood is modeling four of her favorite Silver Rose Creations. From left to right are: Velvet Honey Midnight, Autumn Elegance, Devlynn Rose and Lady Gambler.


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