Back to the Beginning


As my darling Kirawill and I were in need of a ramble this morning (as we often are), I found our steps informed by my current nostalgically reflective turn of mind (more on that later). Before we knew it, we were back on the soil that started it all.

Yes, we adventured in historic Caledon, the first of our noble Sims to be wrested from the Aether by our beloved Governor. I can assure you much has changed since I first walked there in the early days of Caledon.

The first sight which arrested our attention upon arrival at the telehub was the enormity of the Tesla Tower, rising up in all the infernal glory of progress, and beyond it the awe inspiring mooring chain of The Manor, floating clubhouse of that most august of groups The Steampunks.

It was then I realized most forcefully that Caledon had certainly changed from the quiet, bucolic region I had first discovered as a tourist from the mainland all those months ago. In that distant time Caledon proper was more like Mayfair is now, as I look back at it through uncertain recollections. However, as is only fitting, time has seized the birthplace of the Caledonian Experiment and hauled it bodily into the future.

The wonders of Caledon are many and worthy of repeat visits. Of special note I must mention the beautiful Reading Garden, where one could sit and while away hours in casual learning and perusal, sip tea with friends, or blast the cornbread stuffing out of ducks eager to sacrifice themselves to your well aimed shotgun blasts (using weapons kindly provided by the Governor for just that purpose).

My lovely lady and I also took great pleasure from a tour of the famed headquarters Ordinal Enterprises, one of the first and best known industrial entities of Caledon. I must admit that Kirawill was greatly taken by the many different curious armaments created by the redoubtable Miss Malaprop. I have always depended upon a swift sword at my side for personal defense, and if push comes to shove an Oscillating Pulse Rifle tuned to 45.7 MHz, but many of these fantastical concoctions quite enchanted my wife, bringing out her adorably savage nature. Ordinal Industries is also the jumping point of the famous Caledon Dirigible Tour, which is not to missed save by the infirm or those prone to depressive fits.

Our happy wander through the Grandfather of our wonderful enterprise called Caledon reinforced for me how lucky we all are, and how varied the wonders and curiosities of our Tartan draped home. If you have not been to Old Caledon recently you owe yourself, and the residents and merchants in that proud Sim, an overdue visit.


Caledon by Dirigible, mind the arcing voltage.


Your truly in the Reading Garden, wondering again why the big doofus didn’t stay with Rebecca.


Kirawill and I, discussing what appears to be a discarded Crotchitizer of the Gods.


In the Reading Garden again, Kira was REALLY put out that Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Ice Cream was not on the bill of fare.


Kira and her bees in Ordinal Enterprises. This image will linger in my nightmares for many nights to come.


Kirawill about to enter the Wicker Man in the front yard of Puck Goodliffe, while I go off in search of matches.


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  1. I’m sorry to contradict, but the picture with the ice cream cart was taken after they told me they were out of Chocolate chip cookie dough, not peanut butter. No need to get all upset over the peanut butter, really. Chocolate chip, though…. that’s worth the fuss.

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