Mightier Than The Pen


As Caledon continues to hurtle towards war (though against whom is still a point of debate) I thought it prudent to give a brief discussion of that item which, next to a spork, is one of the most essential items for a gentleman as he enters the field of battle….his sword.

As I tend to wear a sword most of the time, through war and peace, thick and thin, bath and shower, foreplay and satisfaction…I felt it timely to discuss some of my favorite blades for the edification of the neophyte.

The majority of these blades are crafted by my favorite Swordsmith, ReMzy Andrews of Mekan. Her main shop can be found in Chiaksan (243, 111, 70). All of her swords are sold with both a sheathed and a drawn version and may be drawn by the use of a simple chat command. They are also scripted for several of the combat systems found in the Metaverse.

Starting from the left, the first four blades were given life and breath by her arts. The first is the Pizarro Sword, a well designed Spanish long sword with a curved hilt guard. Next is the Cazoleto Rapier, a slender blade with a cupped tang. The third from the left is her Imperial Sabre, the perfect sword for an officer with an exquisitely detailed wound wire hilt. Fourth is the Rusty Cutlass, specially designed for nautical mayhem.

The next sword carries a more Asian flare, and is the Ring Katana, created by the famous Archanox Underthorn. His work may be found at The House of Blade at Samurai Island (125, 201, 25). This weapon has custom animations for drawing and attacking, can be drawn with a click on the scabbard and is designed to work with the combat system found on Samurai Island.

Next is the Highland Blade created by ReMzy Andrews though some know it as the Wallace Sword. This sword is worn scabbarded on the back and the drawn version comes in both one handed and two handed versions.

The next sword is the Heart of Darkness Katana, also by Archanox Underthorn and designed to be worn across the back. It’s features are similar to the Ring Katana.

Lastly is the incredible Oxide Ichi Katana by Ayame Musashi of Musashi Blades, also found at Samurai Island (197, 100, 24). Nearly every aspect of this magnificient sword can be customized, included color and adornment, and though it is worn by default across the back can easily be converted to the hip.  It comes with both scabbarded and drawn versions, with custom animations and simple controls.


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  1. I see we share the same taste in cutlery, I own several of the Mekan swords as well as the spear and the assassins dagger. They put my humblke efforts to shame

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