Men’s Fashion – The Gambler


It always gives me special pleasure to review the work of a fellow Caledonian, and today it is my sincere joy to look at the first menswear offering from well known Caledonian artist Hypatia Callisto of ArtSeduction, entitled The Gambler.

Miss Callisto, previously best known for her artwork and skin designs has begun to turn her attentions to Dark Victorian clothing design, with impressive results.

The Gambler is at core a Dark Victorian shirt/waistcoat/long coat set in classic High Gothic style. However, there are several points to commend this design, and a few to confuse.

First of all, I found the swirling black and purple texture of the long coat to be very sumptuous and interesting. Not for formal wear,  but certainly the sort of jacket which may be worn casually, or to events which allow for one’s decadence to be displayed.

The black trousers are well cut and simple and the basic white shirt (worn on the undershirt layer) has several lovely touches, including prim arm garters and a well textured blunt ascot.  I would have liked the buttons down the front to extend further or to be more detailed, but as it is the sort of shirt that requires a waistcoat, that is not a significant drawback.
The afore mentioned waistcoat, in a deep red dragon brocade, is just as interesting as the long coat. For both the waistcoat and long coat, I would like to see more shadowing, especially around the lapels, buttons and plane lines of the back and chest, so as to deepen the effect, however those are skills one develops over several designs.

There is another element, which is quite curious and in a round about way adds immensely to my enjoyment of the design. You see, the waistcoat and long coat don’t quite go together. They can be worn together in a pinch, but I found I preferred them each worn without the other, or mix and matched with other outfits. The textures just seemed to clash for me.

However, this interesting dichotomy between the long coat and the waistcoat have combined to make this one of the most versatile designs I have seen in some time. As I show in the above illustration, just using the elements created by Miss Callisto four strong looks can be created. Since the shirt, waistcoat and jacket are on three different layers, the waistcoat and shirt could be worn with another jacket, or a different waistcoat worn with the long coat.

I would say that The Gambler is an excellent design, especially for someone just beginning to create a Dark Victorian or Gothic wardrobe. All of the elements are well designed and strong, clearly showing Miss Callisto’s vision as an artist. In addition, the garment has great versatility as each element can be used as the starting point in creating other looks.

I applaud this first design for men by ArtSeduction and dearly hope that it is the first of many successes.

The Gambler may be purchased at ArtSeduction in Caledon On Sea (180, 143, 30).


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