Men’s Fashions – New Releases


Two new period outfits have been released over the last few days, one from Silver Rose Designs (on the left, above) called The Wizard and the second from DE Designs (on the right, above) entitled Sonata.

The first is, I feel, a major step forward in menswear by Silver Rose’s Yuriko Muromachi. I have felt that her previous designs for men have lacked a great deal of the flair and detailing of her exceptional gowns for women. The Wizard, however, is in my opinion one of her most successful designs for either gender. I have long been a fan of the understated elegance and realistic texturing of Muromachi’s gowns and the cheeky, anime charm of her “gothic lolita” dresses. The Wizard seems to incorporate both styles, literally the best of both worlds.

The pleating on both the jacket and the trousers is sumptuous and perfect, while the fabric texture along the front and back of the jacket uses 3D wrinkling and gathers perhaps better then any garment I have ever reviewed. Bar none, the tails of the jacket are the most successful of any such garments I have seen. Wonderful touches include the trim on the cuffs, the elegant scalloping of the shirt front and the single stone at the throat.

Things become a bit more whimsical when one considers the dropped lapels and prim collar addition. Also of special note is the pattern on the shoulders and back, bringing considerable dramatic flair to an already head turning outfit.

The Wizard is available in six different accent shades. Versatility is somewhat hampered by the fact that the shirt and jacket are combined on the Shirt level (on only complaint), however a nice gesture is including both black and white trousers with the outfit.

Like all Silver Rose designs The Wizard is not cheap, selling in the upper range of the menswear market, but in my opinion well worth the price. The Wizard is one of the finest men’s releases this year in SL, both mainstream and Victorian.

Purchase The Wizard at Silver Rose Designs in Caledon VictoriaCity (145, 80, 24).

The second new design, Sonata, carries all of the elements we have come to expect from DoC Eldritch of DE Designs. The colors are vivid and vibrant, the design strong, the textures rich and precise and the shadows beautifully rendered.

Sonata has something of a Colonial military feel to it without stepping into the province of a true Uniform. I feels very much like what an officer may wear in the mess or while lounging in the club. Of special note are the sheen of the lapel and buttons and the nice detailing on the shirts tab collar. I also like the fact that the brass buttons of the jacket continue down to the front of the trousers.

My two complains in regards to this design have to do with, yet again, versitility. While DoC kindly includes Jacket + Shirt, Jacket Only and Shirt Only options, all three are on the jacket level, meaning that the shirt cannot be worn with other jackets. My other request is that I would have liked to see this design in multiple colors, either in terms of the base jacket color (perhaps in maroon or khaki as well) or in the accent color (blue or green in addition to red).

All in all however, this is another winner from DoC Eldritch, and one that will be seen around Caledon a good deal in the next few weeks I am sure.

Purchase Sonata at DE Designs in DE Designs (204, 132, 30).


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  1. Curse you, Mr. Benmergui! I’m turning into a regular Beau Brummel with this advice.. Gone are the rough tweeds of yesteryear…

    I jest, of course. Once again, I thank you for your diligent research and sage advice!

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