International Formal in Steelhead


This weekend the Steelhead Social Season continued in high style with an International Formal held in the sumptuous Hotel Ballroom.

A fine turn out enjoyed the musical selections of popular Steelhead resident Tensai Hilra long into the night, enjoying the dancing and pleasant conversation. There were many beautiful international costumes on display, not to mention some surprises in a glittering evening.

Debonair host Darien Mason kept the evening rolling as numerous residents of Steelhead and the surroundings displayed their international flair. Costume winners for the evening were Edward PearseĀ  winning for the Gentlemen and, in an interesting twist, well known man-about-town TotalLunar Eclipse winning the Ladies crown in a breathtaking Asian Kimono. Just another indication that rough and tumble Steelhead is at the social forefront, yet again.

Thank you to Miss Hilra and Mr. Mason for yet another highly successful evening. As always, we all look forward to many more such evenings on the frontier.


Mr. Mason (above) showing us which Tarten Scotsmen in Hell are wearing this season.


Costume winner TotalLunar Eclipse (above) presenting a scene from Madame Butterfly.


The Queen of Steelhead (above), Miss Kattrynn Severine.


Miss Terry Lightfoot (above), pretty in pink.


Your humble reporter (above) and the always exquisite Kirawill Collingwood.



  1. Just a small correction, it was yours truly who won best male costume for the evening, not Mr. Abel

  2. Corrected, my good Sir, and I am sorry for being misinformed.

  3. Yet I consider myself the most fortunate man of the evening, graced by the company of some truly wonderful dance partners :) A pleasant time, indeed!

  4. Thank you kindly for the praise, Mr. Benmergui!


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