Eggcellent Outing


There are many pleasant ways to while away a Sunday afternoon in our fair Caledon, but my Kira and I recently discovered one of the nicest ones…hunting unborn chickens in the wilds of Tanglewood.

Caledon Tanglewood is the newest of our Sims and certainly the most bucolic. As my lady and I explored it, I could not help thinking of the Forest of Arden crossed with Wonderland. This favorable impression was made all the stronger due to the fact that there is currently a Sim wide Easter Egg Hunt in full swing.

The Easter Egg Hunt is a charming way to get to know not only Tanglewood, but the vendors who have hung their shingle there. As you ramble through the charming and at times fantastical countryside, look for brightly colored and artfully hidden eggs. These may be purchased for 0 Linden and each contain a small gift or interesting geegaw. Wings, spectacles, poses, garments all all manner of wondrous prises can be had for simply the labor of finding the eggs.

What follows are a few snapshots from Kira and my Tanglewood Safari. Though we may not have come away with any eggs, we certainly left Tanglewood with the firm expectation that we will be coming back to spend many more pleasant hours amongst the mushrooms.


I am getting in touch with my Inner Bodisattvah (above) in this marvelous lotus owned by Xanna Ziskey.


Kirawill (above) practicing for Survivor: Caledon on a drum owned by Darkling Elytis.


Kira and myself (above) relaxing as she tests me from the Caledonian Tinies Field Identification Guide after an exhausting ramble.


Though I may not have found any eggs, I did find some lovely mushrooms…which is at least partway to an omelet.


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