The Valet – Dark Victorian from BareRose


As I sat today, considering how best to make this vehicle serve the Victorian population, I decided to inaugurate a new feature…The Valet.

In The Valet, I will look at a certain style of interest from a specific designer. In this way, I will help my readers to make more informed wardrobe choices as well as support those designers who create OUR kind of clothing.

Therefore, without further ado (or at least not much further ado), I present the fist installment of The Valet…with a look at the Dark Victorian garb from BareRose.

June Dion of BareRose is something of a legend in Second Life fashion. For one thing, she is disturbingly prolific. A slow tour of her Sim sized shop will soon make it clear that she has designed literally thousands of garments for Second Life, if not TENS of thousands. I doubt anyone has an accurate count, least of all the lady herself. To further confound her critics and confuse her admirers, she is also one of the most affordable designers. Few if any of her creations sell for more then 200L, and most are around 100L even though almost all of her designs include multiple colors and/or prim additions.

Her sketchpad has produced designs in every possible genre for all possible genders, dancing from sportswear to fantastical concoctions to Asian garb to grotesque monstrosities to formal wear and lingerie. Along the way, she has produced numerous garments for both genders which would be appropriate in a Colonial Sim.

However, today I am focusing on the menswear she has made with a Dark Victorian or High Gothic flair. These outfits would look perfect whether you are lounging around the dungeon, waiting for the Countess to swoop in for her midnight snack or just haunting the darker corners of Caledon with friends.

Click the illustration above to get a better look at the outfits I have selected for the spotlight today. All of them are available at Bare Rose 146, 11, 33. Beyond that, I cannot be more specific. If you choose to seek out some of these looks, allow yourself several hours of exploration. I can promise you that you will not feel the time wasted.

From left to right, the outfits are…Lord of Blood Manor, Marine Coat, Midnight Grace, Midnight Matador, Night Watch, Noble of the Dark, Prince of East and Prince of Orient.

Please note that all of these garments have multiple color options included for the same price, and some include prim skirts that I chose not to wear. In addition, many of them could be worn in any Victorian environment, such as Midnight Grace or the Marine Coat.

Just so the ladies don’t feel abandoned, most of these garments can either be worn by both genders, or come with a feminine version (though most BareRose designs for women expose more ankle than is typically seen in Caledon).



  1. You, sir, are a treasure.. if you’ll pardon the fustian. I greatly appreciate the service you are providing here and will seek at least three of these outfits out!

    Hotspur O’Toole

  2. Yummy! I might want one of those coats for myself…. (jostles Otoole aside)…

    Nabila N Peterman

  3. Just a quick follow up.. I picked up a few of them (four) for about 125L each. Quite reasonable. I did note, however, that they were not at those coordinates and it took a bit of searching to find them.

  4. Indeed..and I imagine I did not make the warning clear enough in my initial column so I will repeat lest others become lost as did poor Mr. O’Toole.

    The co-ordinates I give here are just to an entry point within the store..locating the individual items, as they tend to move about, is up to you.

    I suggest bringing a dog.


  5. I am suitably twitted, SIR. Now that you mention it, you did warn people of the immensity of the establishment. Gracefully.

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