Men’s Fashion – The Carlton Tuxedo

The Carlton in Graphite, Wine and Grey

All men know the difficulties and dilemmas in finding a proper suit. Matters of color and fabric and cut can make one’s head swim…but a properly tailored suit is the very essence of the well dressed man. The one thing the Colonial Man has in his favor is that the standard male suit has remained basically the same for generations. Lapels and lengths have changed, but a suit is still..well..a suit.

Due to that face, many of the mainstream garments released on the SL mainland can also be used quite effectively as a Victorian jacket, though sometimes with some careful modifications and customizing. A good example of such a garment was released this week by Rebel Hope Designs and is called The Carlton Tuxedo.

Rebel Hope is one of the leading names in Mainland clothing design, though in the past I have not been fond of her suits (as detailed in my late, lamented Man Factory column on PixelPinup Online).

I can happily say I have no reservations in commending her Carlton to the Colonial Gentleman at large. The jacket is well cut, with lovely shadowing and texturing giving a realistic look to the drape, especially along the back. A satin contrast stripe goes down the outer seam of each trouser leg, and the sharply creased center pleat down each leg is a joy to behold.

The jacket itself has excellent potential for customizing to our purpose, as several variations in one package. The jacket can be worn to modern length with the attached skirt, without the skirt as a short jacket (to the waist) or in a version designed to be worn with no skirt, but slightly longer then the waist. Either of the last two versions can have a very Victorian feel, depending on accessorizing. My favorite part of the jackets however are the lapels. Though they are thin (as is usually found in modern tuxedos), the are made of a slightly contrasting satin hue, giving a sense of richness and careful completion to each jacket.

Each jacket comes with a vest and tie on the shirt layer and a white dress shirt on the undershirt level, allowing for great “mix and match” versatility. The vest cut and straight tie are both suitable for modern wear, therefore I recommend using a different waistcoat and tie for Victorian wear. In these pictures I wear vest/shirt designs by Simone and Doc Wrangler (both of which designers will be featured in upcoming reviews).

I also heartily approve Rebel Hope’s array of colors. In the illustration above I am modeling the suit in Graphite, Wine and Gray, but it is also available in Black, Tan and White. I would like to see even more colors of this suit, possibly in a deep brown or forest green for country gentlemen, and a midnight blue for days in the city. A large array of additional modern vest/tie colors are also available, should you wish to wear the suit on the Mainland.

My only real unfulfilled wish regarding this suit is that the jacket, like the trousers, would be modifiable to further increase it’s versatility, but that is a picayune comment at best.

All in all, Rebel Hope’s Carlton Tuxedo is a fine suit which any Caledonian man could proudly hang in his armoire.

These suits are reasonably priced for the market (400L) and available at Rebel Hope’s flagship store at:


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